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Regional Hubs

Supporting First Nations people via accessible regional hubs 

Five regional hubs across four states were established in 2021 following consultation with more than 45 key stakeholder groups from Indigenous communities; educational institutions; government; and local businesses.  These hubs have initially focused on developing a shared understanding of the key barriers to inclusion for Indigenous girls and women in relation to STEM and entrepreneurial careers in the native ag+food sector and initiating targeted initiatives across the Pathways framework. Local Elders are involved to ensure that projects are developed with appropriate protocols and cultural safety.

EM-power Foundation plans to expand to 15 hubs across Australia by 2025 and discussions are underway for the next stage of expansion in Western Australia, South Coast NSW and South-East Queensland.  

“I am an Indigenous farmer in the Riverlands of South Australia and I am passionate about conservation and land management.  My participation has been to support the establishment of the program ‘Hub’ in my local region.  This is a really important initiative as Indigenous women are very underrepresented in the native agrifood industry.”

Dominic Smith, Indigenous Founder Pundi Produce SA

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