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Food Futures X SingularityU Webinar

Earlier this month, we partnered with SingularityU Australia to discuss the role ancient knowledge plays in collaboration with modern technology in the native ag+food sector.

Facilitated by SingularityU's Lawrence Mitchell, the webinar included native food specialist and Indigenous elder Dale Tilbrook is a Wardandi Bibbulmun woman who is passionate about promoting the sector. We were also fortunate to be joined by Dr Angela Pattison, an agricultural scientist who is working alongside Bruce Pascoe on the Indigenous Grassland for Grain Project.

A couple of teaser highlights from speakers, including our founder, Dr Christine Pitt.

"For thousands of years, this country has produced bountiful food in all different areas, which means different types of foods - so it's about figuring out what is going to work in a modern system and how we can integrate and bring those two systems together."

Dr Angela Pattison

"We have about 100 different species (of wattle and acacia) producing edible food in Australia, and sadly a lot of it drops to the ground now."

Dale Tilbrook

"I think one of the critical and important challenges for everyone working in this industry is this whole concept of sharing knowledge. The ancient knowledge and the traditional Indigenous held knowledge are fundamental and critical to the industry but more importantly fundamental and critical to culture." Dr Christine Pitt.

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