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AusBiz Daily x Dr Christine Pitt

Co-founder Dr Christine Pitt joined Sam Brown and Eliot Hastie on AusBiz's Startup Daily to discuss our latest Native Ag+Food Ideas2Business program and how it forms a part of our strategic objectives as an impact driven business: support for a healthy population, environmental sustainability and food security.

"We are looking at looking at working in a whole range of areas, and Native Ag and Food is just one of them, where we can really make a difference and we can work with founders and starts up, and big corporates and technology companies as well; to start to think about what is needed in the food system of the future. So products that are healthier and deliver wellbeing benefits to consumers-, certainly production systems that are more environmentally sustainable, more transparent and traceable and then at a broader level, food security. So we saw Native Food as really hitting the sweet spot around those areas of impact, it really can offer all those benefits to consumers, to Australia and participants in the industry. We are really keen to work with Indigenous people, we saw that there was a big gap in participation so we have set some fairly high targets"

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