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We are a First Nations led social enterprise.

For the native agriculture and food industry to be led by First Nations people and for the Australian agrifood sector to recognise the important contribution that Traditional Knowledge can make to the long-term sustainability of our food systems. 

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Of Australian businesses are operated by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women


Representation across the native ag+food sector by First Nations people

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Native foods and botanicals are fundamental to Indigenous cultural and social identity. The native ag+food sector provides significant opportunities for Indigenous-led businesses to grow both nationally and internationally. In 2010, the ‘farmgate’ value of the sector was estimated at $15-25M and has been estimated to grow to $7B by 2030.


But there are currently very low levels of Indigenous participation, particularly women. This may ultimately result in the permanent loss of important Traditional Knowledge related to cultural practices and technologies regarding native foods.


The EM-power Foundation is on a mission to change this by helping to build successful career paths for First Nations people in the native ag+food sector and creating more opportunities for Traditional Knowledge to be recognised and respected for its potential to contribute to the overall sustainability of our food systems.

Our Programs

By equipping First Nations people with confidence, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills we aim to support them in their mission to lead the growth of the native ag+food sector and to participate more broadly in building the sustainability of Australia’s agriculture and food value chain.

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Support Us

Help deliver the change we aspire to

We are striving to make a significant impact in increasing the participation of First Nations people in the native ag+food sector.

We need your help whether it be through corporate sponsorship, volunteering your expertise, providing advisory support, or making a direct financial contribution via a tax-deductible donation. 


We are encouraged by the support we have already received as we engage more stakeholders, build our programs, and expand our footprint across Australia.  

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